ScribbleBelly Owl – Keepsake Stuffed Animal


This is a write-able stuffed animal keepsake to give to mothers, babies, toddlers, and young kids.

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This is a very special product of mine that I developed and make myself. I realized when having my first baby, that you receive a lot of cards and get a lot of visits in the hospital. To help make the momentous day even more special, I think a ScribbleBelly is necessary. A ScribbleBelly is a write-able keepsake stuffed animal. Moms who just had their baby can have visitors sign their ScribbleBelly so Mom and eventually baby will remember everyone who came to visit them that special day. Visitors could sign their name or write a short message to bless mom and/or baby.

There are other memorable moments that a ScribbleBelly could capture and be a reminder for those blessed by one.

A young child that is in the hospital, could receive one from their family, friends, church group, boy/girl scouts group, or anyone that wants to bless a child with words or pictures. The ScribbleBelly could be pictures of encouragement or all about their favorite things, etc.

If you have a little one having their first birthday party, you can have those who attend sign the ScribbleBelly so Mom and little one will remember all who attended and be blessed by their message.

You can be creative with how you’d be most blessed with a ScribbleBelly or how you can bless someone else with a ScribbleBelly.

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